3 Rounds of:
100m Run
10 x Ring rows
10 x Band face pulls

4 Sets of:
4 x Weighted strict pull-ups (DB between your legs)
4 x Strict pull-ups
4 x Kipping pull-ups
Try to do the whole set without dropping from the bar.

If you don’t have pull-ups, use bands.  Use a thin band for the first 4 reps, a medium band for the second 4 reps, a thick band for the last 4 reps.

“Death by 10m”

Extra WOD
5 Rounds of:
4 x Seated Box jumps
100m Heavy 2 KB Front rack carry
Not for time.  Go as high as possible on the Seated Box jumps.  This is done from a seated position with your thighs parallel to the ground.  No rocking.  Explode upwards.