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  • Doctor Neal Kravitz

    “Capital is very close to my South Riding practice, but that’s not what keeps me going. It’s truly the greatest BJJ place on the planet. I put my trust in instructor Jeremy Lafreniere. His entire team at Captial MMA have helped me improve my fitness and my learning of self-defense.

    10 STARS for Capital MMA!”

    Neal Kravitz Kravitz

    Orthodontics Chantilly,


  • Chris Schmidt

    “The man I am today is completely different than the child I was 3 years ago. The community that surrounds Capital is one-of-a-kind. It is accountability for those who need it, guidance for those who seek it, and a presence for those who need a place to feel grounded. The number of life lessons learned in the last three years of training outweigh the previous twenty-four. Part of this is due to CrossFit, part of this is due to the Capital community in Alexandria Fairfax, VA. CrossFit is a fitness instrument used to achieve results physically and mentally. In order to use wield this instrument properly and effectively, a family, a community, must surround.

    Without CrossFit, I would be your typical, overweight, lazy American. Over-caffeinated during the day, over-indulgent during the night, and overtly complaining about everything from my job to my poor health, misplacing blame for my dissatisfaction with life.

    Capital and CrossFit has taught me many lessons, but one above all. Own your life.”

    Chris Schmidt

    Senior Consultant; Cobec Consulting

    Fairfax, VA

  • Dan De Ninno

    “Jiu-Jitsu, first and foremost is a martial art. The most effective techniques – which we call ‘the fundamentals’ – are the tools we use to protect ourselves from every position. Jiu-Jitsu is effective against strikers, grapplers and even weapons. The Helio Gracie style of Jiu-Jitsu that we learn at Capital focuses on techniques which allow smaller people to protect themselves against larger, stronger aggressors. Of course if you are learning Jiu-Jitsu as a larger and stronger person, then you’ll begin replacing strength with technique to be a more efficient fighter. Like most Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools, many students at Capital choose to spar after each class. This allows us to fine tune our timing and execution at various levels of intensity.


    “As a 40 year old with a job and family, the thing I love most about Capital is that I can train for my own goals at whatever level of intensity I see fit. If I want to compete, my instructor will put me through competition training. Competition is a great way – especially for the younger practitioners – to be tested, learn new trends and e skills. But if I want to drill weapons defenses, just learn techniques or spar at lower levels of intensity, there isn’t any concern. Trusting your instructors and training partners is incredibly important for developing in this martial art.

    “I’m a small guy, and I love the feeling that size and athleticism don’t matter. All that really matters is that I want to become the best version of myself. Jiu-Jitsu for life!”

    Dan De Ninno

    Pentagon Government Contractor; Former Military

    Fairfax, VA

  • Major John James

    “During my time in Washington D.C. piloting Marine 1 for the president, I would think about concepts like leverage, timing and remaining relaxed. Then and now, training BJJ – along with Muay Thai and MMA – has made me a better athlete and war fighter… and a better person. After all, BJJ is based on timing, balance, and leverage… just like the challenges of life. The perspective, discipline, and patience gained through training permeates every facet of my life. It keeps me in shape, offers opportunities for self reflection, and engenders itself to a confidence unlike any other endeavor.”


    Major John James

    Marine Pilot

    Alexandria, VA

  • Iman Castaneda

    “When I was 18 years old I left my home in Morocco to escape a marriage my mother had arranged between me and a man much older. After arriving in America I was kicked out of my new home when my father realized I wasn’t interested in living a strict Muslim lifestyle. I had no friends, spoke no English and became homeless. But I was motivated and worked hard.

    My life went from waiting for a truck in front of 7-11 for labor jobs, to sales for a home decorating company, to becoming a firefighter for Fairfax County, Virginia, to a career as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

    Capital became my family. They supported me, pushed me and trained me to achieve my potential! I am forever grateful for this community.”

    Iman Castaneda

    Coach For Capital CrossFit

    Aldie, VA

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