July 5, 2019

A Spotlight on Sarah Gohier | Muay Thai Addicted

A Spotlight on Sarah Gohier | Muay Thai Addicted

Sarah Gohier has become an integral part of the Capital MMA community since joining in 2017. Sarah’s passion is Muay Thai, and during the Thai Boxing Association (TBA) CLASSIC – Muay Thai World Expo, from June 20-23, she won the Ladies’ Novice Fly Weight division. Capital sat down with Sarah for a post weekend Q&A. Shoutout to Musa Visual Media, LLC for the amazing picture!

When did you start with Capital and what was your motivation to join our Muay Thai team?
I started at Capital in December 2017. After about a month or two I finally started sparring and it didn’t take long before I was in the gym 5-6 days a week and hoping for a smoker. The crazy thing is I didn’t come into this planning to fight or ever get any kind of recognition for being a fighter. I just fell in love with the sport, and wanted to be the very best I could be. And since the only true way to test your ability is to fight, I went for it, and was hooked again.

What was your training camp like and did you have any pre-tournament thoughts or feelings?
There were definitely days where I had nerves going into the tournament because I’d never had an amateur fight before, so the weight cut, and training for multiple fights over multiple days was a little daunting. However, that’s where I believe one of the most important things you can do is surround yourself with good people. I worked with Kirstin Schmidt (just featured on the Fight Philosophy Podcast) for a diet plan to lose the weight in a healthy way, so I knew that all I had to worry about was training. I trust my coaches whole-heartedly. If there’s something they tell me to do, I will do it, no questions asked. I knew I could feel confident going into the tournament because I had Kru Roger, Raff, and Master who I worked with regularly, and I knew would tell me when there was something I was weak at.

My goal for the tournament was to train harder than it was possible for anyone else to. The past 6 weeks I would wake up at 4:30 to run 5-6 miles and then train for an hour, go to work and finish the day with an hour or two of training. All while dieting down so I could make weight twice for the week of the tournament. Right before I left for Iowa, I realized that in a way I “won” fight camp. I spent 6-8 weeks eating right without cheat days, waking up early, going to bed early, missing out on social events, and doing what I needed to do to stay healthy and keep pushing myself. There was no way that an opponent was going to beat me because I got tired.

Tell us about your experience at the TBA Tournament.
I participated in the Novice Ladies Flyweight Division – (117 lbs) – There were 6 of us in my bracket, so two girls had the byes, I was not one of them. I had three fights – one Friday – 2nd round TKO, one Saturday-unanimous decision, and one Sunday – unanimous decision. All of the opponents I fought were from Canada, just different gyms. All of my fights were important to me in different ways. The first fight was a dream. Not only my first amateur win ever, but also to have it be by TKO was an amazing feeling. However, I’m the most proud of my last fight. I have never fought a southpaw before and she had strong crosses and kicks that I evaded sometimes, but others she hit me straight on. Clinching is one of my favorite techniques, but also what made it possible for me to win. I believe if I hadn’t been able to clinch it would have been a much closer fight or I may have even lost. I also loved that fight because I used specific things that I trained all fight camp with Kru on.

Anybody you would like to thank or anything else you want to add?
Who am I not thanking really.

Kru Roger for working with me almost every day through the fight camp to make sure I was ready.

Master Odie for sacrificing mornings to work with Janine and I, when you had to go work a full day at Lucky Thai after. I always appreciate any help and guidance you can offer.

Rafferty Kelly – Thank you for cornering me, helping me through the second weight cut, and being an all around calming presence. You always know what I need to be the best fighter I can be. I saw that in the smokers I participated in fight camp, and then again in Iowa.

Janine Reguindin, I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it a thousand more – iron sharpens iron – this fight camp I improved as much as I did because I had a training partner like you who was with me every step of the way physically, emotionally, and mentally. Thank you for being there for all of it.

My teammates who were out there with me Derek and Joel – Derek thank you for the help with the first weight cut. I couldn’t have done it without you. Joel, thank you for cornering me throughout fight camp and during the tournament. Most importantly thank you both for all the laughs.

Kirstin Schmidt – Thank you for helping me focus on my training because I trusted you entirely with my diet. I never knew I could feel that full while losing weight and feel that good. All the mental stress of weight cutting was gone because I knew you were handling it, and any questions I had for you were answered immediately.

Spark Physiotherapy for helping me heal my chronic soleus injury and fully trust training as hard as I can

Honestly everyone at Capital for being the family we are. I always felt the support and love (sometimes in the form of punches in the face). The first thing I wanted to do the second I won the belt was to bring it home to all of you.

Whats next?
I submitted my name for the WBC promotion at the MGM on August 10th. Here’s to hoping I get an opponent. If not though, you can expect to see me in the gym pretty much everyday anyways.

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