August 1, 2019

Our Competition Team T-Shirt Fundraiser Has Ended | We Raised More Than Our Goal!

Once again the Capital tribe came together to do the extraordinary. We raised MORE than our Competition Team T-Shirt Fundraiser goal of $3,500. I’m working on a spreadsheet of names, T-shirt sizes, location/addresses, and sponsorship logos for everyone who contributed. If you missed the original article explaining the Fundraiser, please click HERE.

We’ve also begun work on bringing Nora Cornolle to the Alexandria, VA area. If anyone is interested in hosting Nora for a short while as we secure more permanent accommodations, let me know. While we’ve had offers, we need a location closer to our Alexandria facility. You might not realize, but not only is Nora a decorated world class fighter, she’s also a Sorbonne graduate, amateur chef, and graphic designer.

The highest bidder for the fully packaged Gambaru gi — donated by Rajeev Karamchedu — which further contributed to our fundraising efforts, was none other than Kenny Kalan. Congratulations Kenny!

We are keeping the Fundraiser live for a few more days as I build the spreadsheet, so if you want to make a T-shirt purchase, there’s still a little time.

Don’t forget to read Read Roland Barringer’s article on to find out more about Nora.

Again, thank you everyone!
~Jeremy Lafreniere

We truly appreciate what each of you does for our team!

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