March 6, 2020

Capital CrossFit Represents | Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival

Capital CrossFit teamed up with other members of the DMV CrossFit community to represent at Wodapalooza in Miami, FL. Wodapalooza, the premier functional fitness festival which took place from Feb 20-24.

Over 700 teams from around the world competed in qualifier workouts at their home gyms in hopes of being selected for Miami. Carly DeRose, Karolin Nilsson, Rob Howe and Sarin Suvanasai made the cut and were able to showcase their skills and talents as one of 100 teams competing in the RX division. Don Ngo traveled to Florida with them to coach and provide support. The team battled through six grueling events over three days and took 34th place! This in an excellent accomplishment given the caliber of talent that they were up against.

Sarin Suvanasai also competed in Wodapalooza’s Weightlifting Faceoff, setting personal records in both the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. One of sixteen athletes in The Faceoff, Suvanasai showed great poise under pressure on the big stage.

Danya Armstrong — mother to two of Capital’s children participating in regular Jiu-Jitsu classes — competed in the Women’s Masters Division. Armstrong finished a strong 25th out of the 170 women attempting to qualify for the live event in Miami.

Wodapalooza’s mission to celebrate fitness, community and life was a huge success, and we look forward to coming back!

Up Next:
Coach Angelica Christopher will be competing in the American Open Series 1 at the Arnold Sports Festival this Sunday March 8th at 2pm. The Arnold, set in Columbus, OH, boasts over 22,000 Athletes from 80 nations, and over 80 different events. Be sure to check it out as we wish Coach Angee all the best in her competition!

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