March 19, 2020

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Initial Notes

The Capital MMA & Elite Fitness family has been hard at work providing daily content to allow you to continue growing as a martial arts and fitness enthusiast. If you are following the CDC Guidelines for how to protect yourself from COVID-19, you understand that the best way to prevent the illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. But that should not keep you from:

  • Being outside in the fresh air
  • Setting and achieving personal fitness goals
  • Practicing movement drills
  • Improving technique through visualization drills

If you believe that you can get better as you remain socially distanced from your training partners, then you will. We will create frequent posts on our News blog as a guide for where to find all of Capital’s great content.

As a member of our family please send us questions, rants, and your own content if it’s sharable (YouTube, high quality pictures, articles…). We’ll feature more than just what the Capital staff puts together.


Our good friend Eli Knight of Knight Jiu-Jitsu put together this video featuring solo drills for grappling and functional mobility. 

Muay Thai

Amine Ballafrikh—Capital coach and professional Muay Thai fan favorite—demonstrates how to shadow box from home on his new channel Fit With Amine.


Check out this 6-step solo footwork drill for MMA with Shane from fightTIPS.

Elite Fitness

No equipment? No problem! Here are some bodyweight CrossFit exercises for beginners from ShapeFit.

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Keep getting better while using social distancing to stay healthy.