March 29, 2020

The Capital Way | Online Resources E:4 | Making The News, New Classes, More Videos…

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There is no rest for the weary.

Capital hasn’t missed a step during this Coronavirus pandemic. Since our last episode in this series of articles featuring online resources, we made The Washington Times, added virtual classes, generated a newsletter (don’t worry if you didn’t get it, the next one is coming soon), and more!

First up, here’s The Washington Times article featuring Capital MMA.

Next, here are the links to this week’s virtual class offerings. Remember to use the following steps:

  • Check out the updated schedule below.  If you have the .pdf, you can click on the embedded hyperlinks.  If not, once it’s time to take class, click on one of these: Jiu-Jitsu Class, Family Jiu-Jitsu Class, Muay Thai Kickboxing Class, Fitness Class, Rising Tide Fitness Class.
  • If you don’t have Zoom, simply follow the steps to download after you click the hyperlink. You might need to spend a few minutes learning the interface, but rest assured it’s intuitive and easy to use. It’s also free.
  • If you’d like to blast music in the background, just mute your audio. If you are shy, mute your video. You can still hear and see everyone who has their audio and video unmuted.
  • No training equipment necessary! Just jump into class and start having fun!


Mat Battlefield – E2: Intel & Instinct is online! Check out Jay Ferrari’s insight into the strategy shaped by reliable (or unreliable) information at the battle for Hill 44 during the war in Vietnam.

Muay Thai

Here’s another episode of Fit With Amine, providing ideas for staying active during this time of social distancing.


If you haven’t heard of the Fight Philosophy Podcast, then you are missing out! Here’s their newest episode, and yes, they are socially distanced.

Elite Fitness

You are stuck indoors due to strict social distancing rules, you have no equipment, low ceilings, and you start thinking that staying active is hopeless….you are wrong. There’s always BURPEES!

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