March 6, 2023

Capital’s Muay Thai Community is Strong | Kru Scott Brain…

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In 2001 Capital was founded in the art room of an elementary school. By 2005 we had a strong Jiu-Jitsu program, however several of our most competitive members wanted to pursue MMA, and so our striking program was born.  In the beginning we did our best with very few resources and novice coaches, but we stayed the course.  

Eventually people emerged who were true leaders and team players.  People who raised the bar for our members and coaches. One of the most dedicated of these people was Scott Brain. He has acted as an advocate, a coach, a fighter, and an inspirational leader.  I can say for certain that this amazing community would not exist if it weren’t for his efforts. 

On Saturday our community came together for a workshop featuring seminars by Kru Roger, Amine Ballafrikh and Steve Rossillo.  Little did anyone know, we were also there to honor and celebrate Scott Brain. For 16 years Scott has worked tirelessly make Capital the place it is today – often behind the scenes.  Thank you Kru Scott Brain for all you’ve done and continue to do!

For those of you who don’t know about the Muay Thai culture at Capital MMA, it’s never been about ego. It’s only about learning, training, and loving the art of eight limbs.  So, if you want to get punched in the face, try calling Scott Brain, Kru 🤣!

Scott, I sincerely hope that seeing so many people from our amazing community come together makes you proud.  We love you our brother of the sword!

Thank you Joel Regignano for making this surprise possible.  Thank you Taylor Sims for the amazing group picture!  More media will be coming soon!  And if you missed this event, don’t worry, because we are already working on another one!  

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