February 11, 2016

1/2 OFF She’Safe Women’s Self Defense Course—FREE If You Bring a Friend!

Learn proven self-defense skills and strategies!

Join us for another hands-on women’s self-defense course with Virginia’s only instructors to have learned from the original Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC)—and world’s leading self-defense expert—Royce Gracie!

Our course will empower you to be proactive in order to prevent predatory assaults. In the unfortunate and rare event of an assault, our course will also provide you with a plan of action, and the necessary training, to successfully defend yourself and get away.

Here are 6 questions that this course will answer:

  • What is a “predator?”
  • What is “victim potential?”
  • What is a predator’s worst fear?
  • What are the “Three Levels” of self-defense?
  • What is the core strategy behind each level?
  • What are techniques which can be applied for each level?

It’s only $10, and free if you bring a friend. Here’s our current schedule:

There are many “experts” out there teaching women how to defend themselves, but the SAD AND UNFORTUNATE TRUTH is that most are frauds, teaching ineffective techniques that can put a women further into harm’s way. Check out this video on one so called expert:

Watch our friend Pedro Valente and his student demonstrating the proven self-defense techniques that our instructors will teach you!


Private self-defense lessons are also available on request.

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