March 25, 2019

Why Capital CrossFit? | Alexandria, VA

Most people yearn to look better, feel better, and improve their confidence.  With our CrossFit program in Alexandria, VA, you are given the necessary coaching and guidance to make that possible.

We combine safe, effective and efficient movements — in a highly coached, community centered environment — to challenge you at your level.  If you are new to fitness, or a former athlete, our Alexandria, VA coaches will give you everything you need to succeed.

We vary our CrossFit workouts daily, and modify them to help each member achieve his or her goals. Also, the intensity levels are always adjusted to ensure that members are safely improving their fitness levels.

If the large Alexandria health clubs, where everyone is quietly listening to their playlists, staring about at what others are doing, with no coaching or guidance in place, doesn’t keep you motivated… we believe that the programing and engaging community of Capital CrossFit will.

Shoutout to Watson Multimedia for the amazing video!

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