July 19, 2019

Angela Christopher Takes First Place | 2019 USA Weightlifting Black & Red Open

On July 13, 2019 — in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia — CrossFit Coach Angelica Christopher won first place out of ten women in the 81kg category at the USA Weightlifting Black & Red Open. Angelica successfully executed all three of her snatch attempts at 75kg, 77kg, and 80kg (176lbs). She followed up with a clean and jerk of 99kg (218lbs).

“The meet definitely didn’t go as planned, but I had to adjust and just lift,” said Angelica about the day. Her adjustments ultimately earned her a 179kg (394lbs) total, and in addition to the victory her performance represents a competition PR.

Angelica qualified for the USA Weightlifting American Open Series 3 on September 12 – 15 at Daytona Beach, Florida. She plans to compete in the 76kg category.

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