Eli Knight Seminar

About Eli from BJJ Fanatics: A black belt under the great Royce Gracie, Eli Knight is best known for his contributions to self defense and adapting jiu-jitsu to suit the needs of the real life altercation. His social media presence is quite large, making him one of the most visible advocates for the art and he’s been producing helpful content for years, sharing his approach to jiu-jitsu with the masses.Knight has a way of molding jiu-jitsu to fit any setting with a simple and easily digestible curriculum that all practitioners can subscribe to. He is incredibly well spoken and his instruction is clear, concise, and direct, creating a very enjoyable learning experience for the student. Knight is the supervising instructor at Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy in Paducah, KY, where he’s been training and teaching for more than 2 decades.

Event starts at Noon
$35 Pre-Register | $40 Walk-In | Paypal: lorton@capitalmma.com


Apr 15 2024


12:00 pm


Capital MMA and Elite Fitness - Alexandria
6301A Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA, 22306