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CRUCIBLE: A Documentary | Three Pass Their Black Belt Exam

It’s been a busy month for Capital’s Jiu-Jitsu program. Three of our members tested for their black belt, Eli Knight taught phenomenal seminars, nearly 200 friends and family celebrated our community at our annual summer picnic and BBQ, a squad of senior practitioners just got back from the week long Origin BJJ Immersion Camp, and right now men and women are in Las Vegas competing at the World Master IBJJF Championship.

The Capital Way | Online Resources E:3 | Schedule Changes & More

Attendance in our virtual class offerings is growing! However, as we manage this new instructional model we will be making frequent schedule changes. Remember to use the following steps: Check out the updated schedule below.  If you have the .pdf, you can click on the embedded hyperlinks.  If not, once it’s time to take class, click on one of these: …

The Capital Way | Online Resources E:2 | Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Elite Fitness

Capital MMA & Elite Fitness is now hosting virtual classes! As I write this there are currently five people attending the CrossFit class. Coach Angela—who recently competed in the American Open Series 1 at the Arnold Sports Festival—is right now working to correct form and provide ideas to scale movements. If you want to attend one of our online classes, …